We know that object-orientation greatly improved structured programming, but we also know that it is not a “silver bullet”. This is simply because many things are not objects. Waza solves this shortcoming and it can capture concerns that objects cannot nail down properly. Waza is considered to be a true “silver bullet”. It deals with almost all aspects of systems at an appropriate level of abstraction. It enables us to bring objects and non-objects in perfect harmony with each other. This provides great benefits to software developers and business.
Waza is carefully designed and it is based on science. True concurrency is embedded in Waza. Therefore, it provides specific, fail-safe solutions to complex problems. At the same time, it prevents us from creating unnecessary complexities, ad-hoc solutions or workarounds. It adds the most essential things to programming that object-orientation and multithreading cannot provide. Waza is a source of simplicity, whereas object-orientation and multithreading together is a source of complexity. Waza is based on universal concepts that scale well with the complexities of systems. Last but not least, these universal concepts are derived from a mathematical theory of programming. Therefore, Waza enables formal verification using model-checking. This is an effective way to develop truly defect-free software.
Waza’s process-orientation is the next logical step after object-orientation. It makes concurrency simple and useful, as is should be, and it improves by all means quality, productivity and development speed.
Here we will address the key benefits of using Waza.

This includes

  • technical advantages
  • business values
  • society values