The WazaAPI libraries for various modern programming languages, operating systems and processors can be downloaded here. Here, you will find binaries, source code, documents, add-ons, and R&D results.


License note

The Waza API includes a permissive open source license that guarantees the freedoms to use, modify, and redistribute, but that permits proprietary derivative works.
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Short introduction

The WazaAPI library has everything you need to program concurrent software with modern programming languages. Stop thinking about threads and thread synchronisation! Replace them with simpler and intuitive concepts of processes and events. This process-oriented mind-set provides you skills to separate concerns other than with objects. You will deal with behaviour, structure and performance as you've never done before. Your designs will become scalable, reactive, reponsive, real-time and possibly energy-efficient. Formal verification will be at your disposal when you are creating mission-critical applications.


Examples are found here.


Download the Waza API library for free for a specific language. You will find here the binaries (packages) and the source code. The source code can be downloaded and synchronized via Github.

The WazaAPI package (jar) for Java.

Version: [wazaapi_java_latest_version]



The Waza API is a programming interface and underneath the interface is a Waza RunTime engine. The Waza RunTime is a small execution engine that consists of a few processor-specific functions for controlling threads or multi-cores. You can implement these for new processors, operating systems or virtual machines. it can contain multiple different runtime engines.
This customization is not implemented yet and it is on our roadmap.