Waza Concurrent Programming Examples

Examples for Waza API for Java

User Machine Interaction example

This example illustrates two parallel processes, a user and a machine, which interact with each other. It describes a method of how to develop a program that deals with good and bad use-case scenarios. This example shows how you can benefit from concurrency in order to create robust and reliable programs.

Farming Model, client-server example (from 1997)

This example takes a CSP design (from a paper) to a deadlock-free implementation in Java using the Waza API for Java. It shows a funny applet of a network of concurrent processes (star topology) that communicate with each other. This example was developed in 1997 using the CTJ library. This is a CSP library, which is the precursor of the more advanced Waza API for Java library. In this example, the CTJ channels has been replaced by the Waza data channels.

There is more to come.