Wazalogic is a totally new company building the next generation software methodology and tools for software developers. The company is headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We have a strong and sound vision and mission. These will bring forth important business values, social values, strategies and competitive advantages.


We believe that systems become more and more intelligent and versatile, and more importantly they become more and more lively! This requires an excellent understanding of concurrency. It improves our thinking about complex matters, and provides the most effective way to reduce the software development costs and to obtain the highest quality software.


Wazalogic brings innovative solutions to mission critical industries of any size. We assist companies to deliver high quality software and systems easier, faster, and cheaper than traditionally possible, whilst enhancing their business profitability and increasing customer satisfaction.

Wazalogic’s solutions are backed up by professional consultants who bring their software expertise, knowledge and best practices to every client engagement. Wazalogic’s solutions are empowered by the company’s unique and powerful Waza methodology, providing a simple and elegant way to perfection. We support an open innovative approach to accelerate innovation, and we partner with well-known universities and high tech companies.

Cost of poor quality (COPQ) or poor quality costs (PQC), are costs that would disappear if systems, processes, and products were perfect.

—Wikipedia – Cost of poor quality


Wazalogic’s solutions increases craftmanship, quality, productivity, time-to-market and further reduces the development costs.

Lively systems are better products in many ways. They are interactive, fast, and reliable in complex enironments. They take care of most situations, including the bad ones. Liveliness is an experience and not just a feature. People love lively things! This is an important factor that influences the consumer behaviour. Therefore, liveliness brings forth important values.

We are developing Waza. Waza allows you to build high quality lively systems easier, faster and cheaper than with conventional software engineering. With Waza, your company will obtain great business values, social values, strategies and competitive advantages.

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“Highest quality is lowest cost” is a Japanese manufacturing aphorism based on the premise that the highest quality manufacturer will earn a reputation that makes buyers prefer, price being reasonably similar, to buy its goods. This means that the manufacturer will produce more than its competitors, and thus will both have economies of scale and be able to accept a lower profit per unit—thus the highest quality goods will have a lower cost by driving other goods from the market. The production of higher quality goods can also reduce quality costs.

—Wikipedia – Highest quality is lowest cost