Wazalogic and Waza explained


The Wazalogic logo contains a human in orange and some ravels in blue. The logo depicts a proces. It means, the human is unraveling a mystery. The logo is spinning, which implies the iterations that need to be made to understand the mystery. Only then the problem can be understood and a solution can be found.

The name ‘Wazalogic’ is composed by the words ‘Waza’ and ‘logic’. These are two important disciplines every software developer is confronted with.


Waza means technique, art, craft, accomplishment, artistic skill, ability, and performance in Japanese. It has a holistic meaning, which includes these words. It is a process of performing, from the inner self to the outside world, using techniques. For example, someone is expressing his/her thoughts by creating a fine art painting. Or when two people are perfoming martial-arts using attack and defense techniques. Or someone is a singing a great song. Or engineering, every engineer (artist) experiences Waza. Waza is more or less a process of creativity that connects human and technology.

Waza is performing techniques in harmony until perfection, to become highly effective!

Think about creating high quality software. Bringing techniques in harmony with one another and using the precision of mathematics will lead to perfection. Only then it is possible to become highly effective. This gives satisfaction to every software developer.

– waza –

The skill of a craftsman lives on in his masterpiece.


Logic is a proper or reasonable way of thinking about or understanding something!

It is a cognitive skill or mental model we use to learn and to study things.